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black friday sale

How did Black Friday get its name?

In fact, nobody knows. Some say that the history of Black Friday started in the financial crisis in the second half of the 19th century. Friday of September 24, 1869, saw events that shook the New York gold market.

It’s like a story from an action film. One of the speculators meets with The President of the United States. As his friend, he gives him access to top secret information of the US government. He stops selling gold under Jay's suggestion. The conspirators start buying gold, thereby increasing its price. Investors and speculators from all over US were actually engaged in buying this commodity. When the scam came to light, the gold market crashed. That’s the short version.

Black Friday, September 24, caused a financial devastation in the United States. The situation was getting worse and worse by the hour. The police set up patrols inside and outside banks. Chaos reigned in the country. Nowadays, it is the  is just a celebration of great pre-Christmas shopping pumped by sales giants.


When is Black Friday 2021?

Today, Black Friday is being celebrated day after Thanksgiving - the last Friday of November. This year Black Friday is 26 November 2021.


Where are Black Friday sales organized?

Here in the Onyx store, of course! We’ve prepared some extra sales especially for you! Our professional black bronzers NOW 20% off.




Black Bronzer – what's the best tanning product?

Bronzers do not contain colorants. It’s ingredients such as DHA or Eythrulose that are responsible for making the skin beautifully dark. The most popular tanning bed bronzers are black bronzers. They guarantee an ebony tan in the blink of an eye and comprehensively care for the skin. Depending on what effect you are after and what you expect from sunbed tanning cosmetics - you can choose from: Black Caviar, Black Cashmere, Black Praline, and Black Porcelain. Which one is the best? The choice is yours.

Black Caviar is one of the most powerful bronzers we have ever created. It provides a very dark tan thanks to a complex of strong bronzing ingredients; it ensures proper hydration and smoothness of the skin and supports the fight against cellulite. Fresh notes of the fragrance immediately bring to mind the hot tropics.

Black Cashmere is an intensely bronzing black bronzer that deepens the dark shade of the skin after just one visit to the solarium. It contains caffeine, which helps to keep the skin firm and smooth. The balm has antioxidant properties - it fights free radicals and protects against the first signs of aging. On top of that, you do not have to worry about stains or streaks on the skin.

Black Praline allows you to obtain a chocolate tan thanks to a blend of walnut shell and orange extracts, and erythrulose. Thanks to argan oil and shea butter this bronzer will leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized and nourished. It also protects against photo aging and fights free radicals.

Black Porcelain is an innovative White-To-Dark bronzer packed with ingredients such as DHA, erythrulose and juglone which give a spectacular effect that gains extra depth for several hours after the tanning session. The combination of black pearl extracts, aloe vera and honey helps to maintain an adequate level of skin hydration, and the power of vitamins counteracts the signs of aging. The balm is characterized by a very light formula that absorbs quickly and leaves no stains or streaks.

Choose your favorite Black Bronzer, use the discount code BLACK20 and delight everyone with dazzling bronze. The promotion lasts until November 26 at 23:59!

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