How to tan fast before New Year's Eve?

The New Year's Eve Party is nearly here, which means that it’s time to search for New Year Outfits. But while you’re at it, don’t forget to match it with your perfect tan!  

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Why should I tan?

Since people are now visiting tanning salons in crowds, you are probably curious what you can get out of a tan and how tanning will affect your skin. As you know, a tan not only makes us feel more attractive, it also optically slims the figure and highlights the outline of the muscles. On top of that, it affects our well-being. Sunbathing improves the mood, which is especially important (if not the most important) during celebrations, and also allows us to recharge with positive energy. There’s just no denying it. Is there anyone among us who does not take pleasure in basking in the sun? When the temperature outside the window drops below zero and there’s snow falling from the sky, tanning beds are a kind of vehicle that takes us to the hot beaches of sunny California!

How to tan fast?

If you want to find out how to tan faster, then you must know that everyday skincare is the key. See our tanning tips:

  1. Regular moisturizing, removing dead skin with peels, a healthy diet and taking a sufficient amount of fluids is the basis to prepare our skin for the tanning session in order to look beautiful and healthy.

  2. Use professional tanning lotions for tanning beds. What to choose for indoor tanning? If you want to achieve a dark tan before New Year's Eve in a very short time, choose tanning accelerators.

According to our customers, the best tanning accelerator is Booster - indoor tanning lotion which not only guarantees a beautiful tan in the blink of an eye, but also gives perfect skin hydration. It’s an ultra-moisturizing tanning lotion, and as you can guess - moisturizing is the key to success when it comes to a beautiful and long-lasting tan.

When it comes to moisturizing, it's impossible not to mention Vibe. Vibe is a revolutionary tanning lotion with Rapid Tan formula, which accelerates the tanning process. A dark tan and everyday skincare - all the best!

Mystery – women's favorite – tan accelerator with collagen synthesis activator in the skin. Collagen Boost Complex characterized by an antioxidant effect - reduces the first signs of skin aging. 

Spray Tanning Tips

If you've been putting off your visit to the tanning salon until the very last minute, there's one more way to achieve an ebony tan effect. We’re talking about spray tanning. What does spray tanning look like? Spray tanning involves spraying the body with a delicate tanning mist. The substance covers the skin changing its color to a shade of natural brown. Which spray tanning fluid should you choose? Our offer includes five types of spray tanning lotions in various shades - Onyx Sunless.

Now you know how to tan quickly before New Year's Eve. We hope you will dazzle everyone with a captivating tan that will make you feel great. Remember that well-being often goes hand in hand with a beautiful appearance, so… sunbathe!

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