March 8 is the global day devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and expressing our gratefulness for the role they have in our lives. Onyx, as a brand created to cherish the beauty, wants to join the festival of femininity. Please keep on reading to discover how truly inspiring for us is the women's world.

We believe women are MAGNIFIQUE. It's genuinely amazing how they can handle multiple tasks at the same time. They have that special power of lifting others up and spreading love around them, even if their skies are grey. To say how much we appreciate every lovely thing you do we created our Cuvée Tan Boosting and Body Euphoriating Elixir MAGNIFIQUE. Its powerful tan enhancing blend ensures an immediate and longer lasting color, while a skin-firming blend of coffee, yerba mate and Push-Up Complex helps make your body radiant and toned, all because we know how hard it is to handle the hectic lifestyle. To say "Thank you for making my life a fairy tale" we embellished our luxury tanning lotion with an enchanting mixture of jasmine, grapefruit and white musk, encapsulated in Magic Spell fragrance.

Thinking of women who are gentle and caring but sturdy and strong at the same time, we launched TS. TS stands for Tanning Serum but for us TS says: Ladies, you are Truly Stunning! You deserve only the finest treatment, like the one Tanning Serum offers. Its high-performance bronzing and accelerating ingredients, including DHA and Erythrulose of 100% certified natural origin blended with UpTan System, lawsonia and juglone, will leave you with a perfect, dark bronze color after each indoor tanning session. At the same time, you can enjoy a blissfully relaxing effect on your mind and body owing to unique properties of jasmine and captivating Beauté Florale fragrance. Jasmine is not the only flower in the bouquet of precious flowers we assembled for you. Orange blossom rain is an extract of flowers which gives your skin an anti-oxidant power to help protect it against premature aging. At the heart of the bouquet you will find a black rose, a touch of luxury which helps promote a younger looking appearance. To deliver an advanced and powerful hydration, we embellished our floral composition with orchid extract. Additionally, the rich formula of serum melts into your skin and generously wraps it in comforting moisture for the ultimate smoothness.

Independent. Exceptional. Woman. She. The name for our most feminine product could not be other than SHE. It's a kind of paying tribute to all women and girls and saying a huge Thank You for being who you are. We think you should spoil yourself frequently and necessarily while getting some tan. That's why She is a bronzing intensifier which wraps your body up in a comforting scent of white flowers, orchid, sandalwood and coconut. And while you're taking your time to relax on a sunbed, tamanu oil, peach and melon extracts keep your skin perfectly nourished. Finally, we will let you in on our secret: a groundbreaking B-Shape complex for your skin’s visibly improved  elasticity, softness and better overall appearance. Don't say a word, just enjoy it.

When we tried to brainstorm to find the most precious, elegant and feminine fabric, we thought of cashmere... And that led us to creating Black Cashmere, our black bronzer formulated with the advanced Ultra Bronzing Blend and enriched with Cucui Oil, Pomegranate Extract and Aloe Vera to leave your beautifully tan skin soft, smooth and feeling like silk. Our hush-hush mixture of caffeine restores firmness and reduces the appearance of cellulite, while Passiflora helps fight free radicals and protects skin against signs of aging. We added hemp oil for extra moisturizing and nourishment to give you a moment of sheer pleasure, like a heavenly smooth cashmere touch on your skin… 

Sex appeal, seduction, magnetism... They undoubtedly set women apart from men and this should be adored. Taking into account your tanning expectations and bearing in mind how beautiful female body is, we came up with an idea of Sexy Legs, a dual indoor tanning bronzer for hard-to-tan body parts. Apart from a dark, luminous color (not only of your legs), it is a product encapsulating a skin firming and anti-cellulite blend, composed of coffee and yerba mate which helps smooth and improve skin’s texture for a more toned and tightened appearance. We added a load of vitamins: vitamin E sooths your skin, while vitamins B3 and C provide an anti-oxidant power to prevent premature skin aging and help you enjoy a youthful looking appearance. Smooth and soft skin is always the goal so we added the conditioning properties of silk.

To help you enjoy Onyx rituals after the tanning session and during your everyday daily skin care we created Body Tender. As tender as the love you spread around us. This fabulously mild, fresh and weightless after-tan lotion, enriched with a combination of conditioning and moisturizing agents, gives your skin the most comfortable feeling. Skin emollients deliver perfectly-balanced moisture to skin and help prevent the signs of aging, while allantoin and vitamin E help regenerate skin cells and reduce dryness. Panthenol soothes irritations and enhances longer lasting hydration, thereby prolonging the life of your tan. The Soft Sweetness scent, full of fresh fruity and floral tones, indulges your senses.

This festive day requires making a toast for the beauty women bring in to the world. And this toast requires raising a glass (or a tube, in fact) of Grand Cru. It's an Exquisite Tanning Crème which helps enhance and multiply skin darkening ability in a blink of an eye; additionally, it absorbs incredibly quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth. This extraordinary tanning treatment goes with an intense skin nourishment: the 3-AAAdvanced blend of avocado oil, almond oil and aloe vera improves skin youthful appearance, while panthenol takes loving care of your tan skin proper moisturizing. Eden Delight scent, featuring notes of red fruits, caramel and sandal tree, is the moment of sheer relaxation you deserve every day.

On this special day we can't say nothing but "Who run the world? Girls!". We are so happy to be part of your life and wish you all the best of luck and love in your life. Let us complete the celebration by offering you a 20% off discount code on all products: ONYXWOMAN20 (enter at checkout). Happy Woman's Day!

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