This Premium White-To-Dark Bronzer provides perfectly deep, just off the beach dream color. Our superior fusion of DHA, Erythrulose and Juglon allows skin to continue to darken even after UV exposure, for the darkest tan imaginable with no streaking or staining. Let the unique conditioning blend of Black Pearl, Aloe and Honey help keep your skin hydrated, supple and fresh looking while achieving that gorgeous color. Luxurious Black Rose combined with Avocado, rich in vitamins A, E, D,provide powerful antioxidants to target the signs of aging. 

  • Powerful bronzers for instant and delayed dark tanning results
  • Lightweight formula for a streak-free tan
  • Beauty boosting benefits of Honey and Aloe for soft and hydrated skin
  • Black Pearl, rich in minerals, delivers hydration and supports skin regeneration
  • Effective antioxidant power of Black Rose for a youthful appearance and fighting the signs of aging
  • Avocado, rich in vitamins A, E and D, helps revitalize your skin for a more flawless look

    Fragrance: Tropical Wonderland (mango, peach, orange, musk)

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