We all ask uncle Google virtually about everything. Whenever in doubt, you just decide to google the key phrase or a question, hoping to find the best answer. As it turned out after our short research, you also frequently search for information connected with tanning. However, not always the results are satisfactory and answer precisely to your questions, even if you go through tens of websites and forum pages. And here comes help from Onyx: we answer the most frequently googled questions about sunbed tanning and we can assure you of providing only the most professional facts you can safely rely on before getting some tan.

sunbed questions

Tanning bed near me

We are pretty sure Google Maps are here to help you. Be sure to have a look at the reviews to find out how other customers rated the service and equipment, and if they were happy with the results.

Tanning bed lotion

If you're reading this, it means you're in the right place. Never skip applying a professional tanning lotion on your skin before getting some tan on a sunbed. There are several reasons why this is so important. First of all, if your skin is properly nourished and moisturized, it looks so much better when tan. Secondly, whenever you apply a sunbed lotion, you can reduce the time of exposure to UV light; in other words, shorter session can give comparably dark tan results! All bronzers and intensifiers have their special powers to accelerate and deepen the tan effect. Isn't it what all tanners want? What is more, all Onyx lotions have incredibly pleasant smells which help you enjoy every tanning session more than before. And finally, we sneaked some precious ingredients into the tanning lotion bottles to help you get a smoother skin, reduced cellulite or a feeling of refreshment. Yes, you can make the best of both worlds. If you want to get more tips about choosing the right tanning lotion, please have a look here: 

Tanning bed tips

Of course there are a few ways to tan in a really clever way. The first one, as described above, are indoor tanning lotions. We can't come up with a smarter way of getting some tan in a quick and efficient way. The secret ingredients, such as DHA, erythrulose or tyrosine, act as tan boosters and help you see the off-the-beach color almost instantly after leaving the tanning salon. The second tanning tip is something all advanced tanners do before they lay themselves on the sunbed. To get a perfectly even tan, take off your jewelry - as simple as that! We are pretty sure nobody likes this strange tanline on their neck or a wrist. Another tip is actually a day-before-tanning routine. To help your skin absorb UV light and all the lovely ingredients of the tanning lotion better, do some body scrub the day before. You'll notice the results and your tan will last longer. To prolong its life even more moisturize your skin everyday (or even more often than this) and drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated both from inside and outside.

sunbed questions

How does tanning work

We all know UV radiation is what we need to get some tan or suntan. The tanning process, however, is slightly more complex and involves different types of UV light. When the skin is exposed to UV radiation, melanocytes - cells in our skin - initiate the process of melanin production, responsible for the dark tint of our skin.

How does tanning oil work / How does tanning lotion work

First of all, make sure the product you use when tanning on sunbeds is meant to be used there. Many people wrongly classify all tanning products are suitable for all types of tanning. In fact, products such as SPFs or sunbathing oils, are meant to be used only for outdoor tanning. What indoor tanning offers is a controlled amount of UV light input and using an SPF would inhibit this process and you would leave the tanning studio with... no results! And, by the same token, if your tanning oil has a sun protection factor, leave it for your next trip to the beach. Some oils are designed for both sunbed and outdoor tanning but when using them please make sure they don't leave a sticky residue on the sunbed laying surface.

How does sunbed tan take to develop / How does sunbed tan take to show

What you need to know is that the process of tanning is a highly individual issue. It all depends on the skin type, in other words of the melanin levels in our skin and our its natural ability to absorb light and react to it in a form of a sun-kissed look. It's a process we shouldn't hurry up and in some cases first results can be seen after a few tanning sessions, whereas for some other people one visit at a tanning salon is enough to obtain the dream, dark tan effect. Please bear in mind that using sunbed accelerators (bronzers, intensifiers, bronzing intensifiers or tingle lotions) is the best way to safely speed up that process, even if you are not an advanced tanner.

What does a sunbed tan look like

Just like the tan you have when you come back from holidays! :) Oh, there may be one difference. Unless you spend time at a nudist beach, you'll be back with bikini or swimsuit tanlines. When you tan indoors, you can tan naked and enjoy the perfectly even tan.

How to use sunbeds properly

Trust the experts. It is not a shame to ask for help when you don't know how to handle the tanning equipment, especially when you use it for the first time. Ask the salon staff to give you some short instructions but also ask about the recommended duration of the tanning session - it's always a particular number of minutes but you can always press the stop button earlier if you don't feel comfortable. If the given tanning salon offers more than one tanning bed, ask which one is the most suitable for a tanner like you - a staff person should be able to tell you this. Remember that it's always better to have  a few shorter sessions than one longer one.


If you have any other questions about sunbed tanning uncle Google didn't answer well enough, please let us know in the comments below.



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