Best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her

Looking for an idea for Valentine’s Day for your other half? Love and sun are the perfect duo! If you are both tan enthusiasts, then search no more! We have prepared the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas just for you.

Best Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Women care about a beautiful appearance. A dazzling tan, radiant complexion and firm skin are all on their must have list. If you want to meet their expectations, choose professional tanning lotions for tanning beds. We guarantee checking all the above boxes!

What’s the best tanning lotion for women?

SHE is a bronzing accelerator enriched with the innovative B-Shape formula that improves the shape of the body and firms the skin. Tamanu oil, also known as the "Oil Of The Gods", supports proper skin hydration, and peach and melon extracts make the skin beautiful and radiant. But let’s also keep in mind a beautiful tan guaranteed by bronzing and accelerating ingredients.

And for all those exceptionally brave ladies, we recommend a tingle tanning lotion for tanning beds. With Very Sexy Legs nothing is impossible – this tanning lotion will darken your legs and areas that are usually ‘resistant’ to solar lamps. Tingle tanning lotions have a warming effect on the skin, but also provide intense hydration and nourishment.

Best Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Don’t let appearances confuse you - often times, men are as strict as women when it comes to their looks! They too want a quick tan and intense tanning effects. Remember that a tan optically slims the figure and emphasizes the outline of the muscles. On top of that, gentlemen are often hungry for new sensations, so tingle tanning lotions will be a bull’s-eye!

What’s the best tanning lotion for men?

Men who, apart from strong bronzing, are looking to get skin care properties, will surely appreciate HE. This is a bronzing accelerator enriched with Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer complex, which takes care of the proper level of macronutrients in the skin. In addition, the tanning lotion absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin - gentlemen, we know you’re not the biggest fan of that!

We have already mentioned tingle tanning lotions, so we must say a brief word about them too. One of our best tingle tanning lotions is V8 - tingle tanning lotion with muscle enhancement technology. It speeds up the tanning process and firms the skin. What more could you want?

Second tanning lotion 50% off!

We said A, and now it’s time to say B! And on that occasion, we have prepared a surprise for you! The perfect set for couples. Choose HE, SHE, V8 or Very Sexy Legs and get the second item as much as 50% off. Mix and match as you like! Are you a fan of a natural tan while your loved one prefers tingle tanning lotions? Then the SHE and V8 set will be your best choice!


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