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How does a self tanner work?


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Self tanning products are becoming more and more popular. Why? They are very easy to use and extremely effective - after just a few hours you can enjoy the effect of a beautiful and natural tan. It is also a dream come true that the whole process takes place at home - you don't even have to go out in the sun or visit a tanning salon. But have you ever wondered how do self tanners work? We have prepared a vast amount of knowledge and interesting facts for you!   Is self tanner safe? Self tanner is not harmful...

How to tan your face without the sun?


two tanned woman, towels on head, tanned by self-tanner bronzing drops, for every skin color

The summer season is fast approaching and you struggle with pale complexion? If you want to give your skin a sunny glow without leaving your home, we have great news for you! In today's article we will tell you how to get face tan without the sun or a visit to the tanning salon. However, if you want to know how to safely tan your face in a tanning salon, click HERE!   How to use face tanning drops? What are face tanning drops? Self tanning drops act as a self tanner specifically intended for the face, neck and cleavage....